Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vintage Fashion Shows

AlexSandra, host, director, and ensemble stylist extraordinaire! I styled the little human hair piece she's wearing in the first photo. Yes, that's me looking possessed on the right!

Myself styling Maria. Robin, who has baby-fine hair.

Meghan as Jackie Kennedy. Malisa, in a last-minute style.

Lynn as Mamie Eisenhower. Carrie, in a similar style.
Myself as Rita Hayworth, with freshly hennaed hair.

Ava waiting patiently under my secret weapon. Ava all styled up.

Theresa and Malisa striking a pose. Ava looking a little more 60s.
Boy howdy, if you haven't been to a Vintage Fashion Show at Tony Starlight's Supperclub and Lounge, you are missing out! The ever-hilarious AlexSandra and Tony co-host, there's music, lovely ladies strut around, and of course there's the food and drink. All of this for a $5 cover! Plus everything we're wearing, from hat to shoes, is for sale.
You do not have to dress up. Some people think attending these means you're in the spotlight. Nope! You're the audience, fella. Sure, it's not really the place for jeans. But the thing about Tony Starlight's is, it's the kind of place where people feel comfortable dressing up - and really enjoy it!
Now, don't forget - it's the first Tuesday of every month at 8. There are two sets, and it lasts around two hours. Perfect for something to do with your sweetie, or a night out with the girls. See more at http://www.tonystarlight.com/ - and be sure to make reservations!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Various 'dos I've did

...and a gratuitous shot of Jonnie.